About Lihong

Lihong is a manufacturing enterprise specialising in the design, development and delivery of innovation, production, project
installation and after-sale service. Our customers come from the international pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beverage,
chemical, winery and brewery, bio industries.

 Lihong is made up of a team of experienced engineer and salesman who come from pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beverage,
winery and brewery industries. Lihong manufactures extraction, concentration and reclamation equipment, stainless steel tanks
, valves and pipe fittings, automatic CIP system, PLC control system. All the equipment are designed and manufactured according
to ISO9001-2000 Standard, meet GMP standard.

Many of the world's leading manufacturers choose Lihong, not only as a equipment supplier, but also as an
application development and support partner, in order to optimize existing processes and for the production of innovative
and exciting new products. 

The united, up-and-coming, high talent employees is the base of our success. Our advanced craft in traditional Chinese
medicine extraction and concentration, alcohol reclamation with high efficient and energy-saving system, improves the
production efficiency greatly. The complete equipment for infusion and injection holds pleasant appearance and special structure. The
injection and material allocation system, extraction & concentration system for traditional Chinese medicine can realize the
automatic management for production and control.

The Lihong company holds the marketing philosophy of Win-Win, keeps long-term cooperation with the famous manufacturer
domestic and abroad. Our products are exported to Europe, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia, highly welcomed by our


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