JN multi-functional alcohol reclamation concentrator
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¡¤Product Name£ºJN multi-functional alcohol reclamation concentrator
¡¤Category£ºPharmaceutical equipment
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¡ôAlcohol reclamation: The large reclamation capacity and the vacuum operation mode improve the craft process with a reclamation rate of alcohol of 95% and a loss rate of alcohol below 5%. The power consumption lowers for 30%, which improves that the device is a energy-saving equipment with economical investment and high reclamation economy profit.                                                                    .     

¡ôCocentrated liquid material: The device uses the modes of outer-heated natural cycle and vacuum negative pressure evaporation featuring swift evaporation with concentration proportion of (1.4); The liquid material concentrates without bubble under full seal state.The drug liquid after concentration by the device features non-contamination and thick drug taste and easy cleaning(it is just to open the up and down cover for cleaning.). The device is easy to handle and it needs a little
foundation area for installation. The heater and Evaporator use stainlesssteel SUS316L (or SUS304) for thermal purpose. The polyurethane or pearl cotton is used as  the thermal material. The surface is treated with sand grinding and surfacepolishing, meeting with the GMP standard. 

The device is to concentrate the material in the occasions such as China traditional drug¡¢west drug¡¢dextrose¡¢amylum sugar¡¢oral liquid¡¢chemistry¡¢foodstuff¡¢monosodium glutamate and vintage and to reclaim the industrial organic solvent such as alcohol. It is suitable to concentrate the thermal sensitive material under lower temperature andvacuum with little batch number and multiple varieties.